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The Riverside Center for Innovation on Enterprise Zoning and Brownfield Redevelopment

Riverside is helping to stabilize communities by helping the state designate enterprise zones and redeveloping “brownfields,” or abandoned, unusable land that is turned into land for new businesses. This program promotes disadvantaged communities to grow businesses and create jobs. Our unique, methodical approach helps improve communication between the public and private sectors to form partnerships. Through these partnerships, RCI is able create a revolving loan fund that can be loaned to private sector firms in the designated zone. Other benefits of the zone are:

  • Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority Loans – a low interest loan program for applicants requesting financing to buy, expand or build a facility.
  • Machinery and Equipment Loan Funds – a low interest loan to acquire and install new or used machinery and equipment or to upgrade existing machinery or equipment.
  • Small Business First Loans – low-interest loan financing for land and building acquisition and construction; machinery and equipment purchases and working capital.
  • Socially and Economically Restricted Businesses – firms located in the zone are provided advantage in bidding on state government contracts.
  • Neighborhood Assistance EZ Tax Credit Program – eligible to apply for 20% tax credits against the state corporate net income tax for the value of the improvements.First, the Riverside Center identifies underutilized Brownfield sites for redevelopment. We have been able to secure EPA funds to assess these sites (through leveraging the enterprise zone program). We perform a site assessment, and remediation plans are developed. We have a wonderful relationship with private real estate community to place these sites back into productive use.

This targeted effort shows that RCI is proactively bringing resources to the table to positively change the community. The communities targeted by this program will “level the playing field” between green space sprawl and urban Brownfield redevelopment, which will ultimately lead to reinvestment in the community, business expansion, and job creation.

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These are some of the Brownfield sites located in the ORTEZ that were assessed or are in the process of being assessed. The sites were chosen by the boroughs and townships in the ORTEZ, and the funding was provided by the North Side Industrial Development Company located within the Riverside Center for Innovation in Pittsburgh, PA.

Click here to read a success story of one Brownfields site in the ORTEZ.


This location was once home to the long-bankrupt Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad and has sat unused since 1970. Some of the features of the previous repair depot were tracks, repair shops, and maintenance buildings for the railroad. The site has good access to Route 65 and Interstate 79, is close to the Ohio River, and connects to the CSX and Pittsburgh & Ohio Central Railroads.

In 2009 the North Side Industrial Development Company began working with developers and the borough of McKees Rocks to assess multiple sites on the 33 acre property. NSIDC, working with the McKees Rocks Community Development Corp., was able to provide $600,000 in Environmental Protection Agency assessment funds to evaluate the site for environmental contamination.

These assessments have allowed the investor Trinity Commercial Development to secure $6,350,000 to improve the property. Also, the McKees Rocks Borough was able to obtain a $985,000 PennWorks Grant to help cover the cost of bringing new water and sewer lines to the site.

The project is very near a construction start which will result in 384,000 square feet of new flex space for light industrial, office, technology, and distribution businesses and has the potential to create upwards of 1,200 new jobs.

The gallery below shows images of the project. The first and third pictures are what the site looked like before; the second and fourth pictures are plans of how the site will look after completion.